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Our draft beers are available in the Naked Dove Tasting Room and in over 200 bars and restaurants located within a 35 mile radius of the brewery.

We have four year-round beer styles that we have proudly served since we opened our doors in 2010.  Feel free to fall in love with them because they will always be available for your drinking pleasure.

Naked Dove also has 2-3 seasonal beers available at all times.  These change based on the season or the whim of our brewing team.  Catch them while you can!!
Windblown Amber Ale

Windblown Amber Ale is an American Amber Ale with a beautiful balance between the malt and hop characters. The aroma and flavor start with a blend of bready, biscuit, and caramel malt notes. This fades as the light, dry citrus hop character comes to the forefront in the beer's finish. This beer is a great "sessionable" Amber Ale that doesn't compromise on flavor. We brew it with American 2 Row, Weyerman Munich, Caramunich and Cararoma malts with Cascade, Liberty and Magnum hops. The Windblown Amber is fantastic for braising a variety of meats, pairing with Mexican foods and for use in sauces.

Story Behind the Name: Anyone who has visited the brewery has felt the Westerly winds as they cross the open space of the adjacent farm and bring their force against the brewery. This beer was named in tribute to those breezes, brutal in the winter, refreshing in the summer, but almost always present.

ABV 5.0% (Alcohol by Volume)         IBU 25 (International Bitterness Unit)

    Clarity in the FLX IPA

If you are a fan of big, fruity unfiltered IPAs then this beer is for you.  We are using several new hop varieties, Azacca and Pekko, along with Citra and Mosaic to give adistinct tropical fruit aroma and flavor.  The aroma is a blend of mango, guava, pineapple and grapefruit.  It bounces between all the various aromas and seems to change with each sniff.  The flavor continues with that tropical fruit, but quickly fades to a long clean citrus hop finish.  The malt plays a secondary role in this beer with it just being enough to support the hops.  Think of it as the canvas that is holding up the paint.  We are also using some rolled oats in the beer to give a little more body and smoothness to the beer.  Although this beer is clear, it is not filtered, traditional brewing methods allow us to drop the beer brite.  This allows the hops to shine through without any of the proteins or yeast clouding up the flavor profile.  Brewed with 2 Row, Vienna and CaraRed Malts with Oats and Azacca, Pekko, Citra and Mosaic Hops.   

ABV 6.7% (Alcohol by Volume)         IBU 75 (International Bitterness Unit)

Naked Dove Maibock

A German Golden Bock Beer, Naked Dove Maibock is brewed in traditional methods with only the finest ingredients.  The Maibock has a deep, complex malt aroma that combines sweet and bready characteristics.  The flavor smooths out to a clean crisp hop finish.  As with all well brewed bocks, the strength is deceiving and will only become apparent after several pints.  Brewed with Weyermann Pils, Vienna, and Munich Malts and Magnum and Hallertauer Mittefruh Hops 

ABV 6.5% (Alcohol by Volume)         IBU 25 (International Bitterness Unit)

Naked Dove Hop Cone-a-Copia Double IPA

At Naked Dove, we ascribe to the old philosophy of a Double IPA should be 1.5 times the Malt and 2 times the hops. The aroma of our DIPA is a huge bouquet of floral, spicy and citrus hop characteristics. The aroma carries through to the flavor as the big malty body tries to fight to and balance the big hop character. The flavor fades to a long bitter hop finish that lingers on the palate. Brewed with 2 row and Caramunich Malts with Cascade, Columbus and Centennial Hops.    

ABV 9.2% (Alcohol by Volume)         IBU 90 (International Bitterness Unit)

Upcoming Seasonal & Specialty Beers

Naked Dove Roll in the Hay Farmhouse Ale

Our Americanized Farmhouse ale goes back to the roots of the style.  Long ago, farm brewers made low alcohol, thirst quenching beers for the farmhands.  Our Roll in the Hay is a light, unfiltered golden ale that has a fruity aroma, light malt body and a clean crisp hop finish.  Perfect for having on a hot summer day to quench even the biggest of thirsts.  Brewed with 2 row Pale and Magnum and Mt Hood Hops. 

ABV 4.5% (Alcohol by Volume)         IBU 20 (International Bitterness Unit)

Naked Dove Z'Higgi Pils

We brew this traditional Czech pilsner with the world’s best malt and hops to create a pale golden lager that is both bold and smooth.  The base of the beer is the malts from Weyermann that give it a smooth, clean malty character that is surprisingly complex.  Hints of bready and baguette malt aromas and flavors are with the spicy noble hop characteristics.  The beer ends with a clean crisp noble hop flavor and bitterness that create a perfect end to the beer.  The beer is complex yet very drinkable.  Brewed with Pilsner, Vienna and Carapils Malts with Magnum and Saphir Hops.

ABV 5.5% (Alcohol by Volume)         IBU 40 (International Bitterness Unit)

Starkers IPA

Starkers IPA is an American India Pale Ale that showcases all aspects of what hops can deliver. The beer starts with a very hop forward aroma and flavor that combines notes of citrus, spruce and pine. Our generous hop additions, especially our dry hopping, give the beer a very full hoppy mouth-feel. The mouth-feel is accentuated by the malt body, which is just strong enough to carry the hops. The flavor finishes with a hop bitterness, although overshadowed in the beginning by the flavor and aroma, it starts to come to the forefront as you drink more of the IPA. This beer is brewed with American 2 Row, Caramunich, Munich and Cararoma malts and Cascade, Amarillo and Simcoe Hops. It pairs well with Spicy Curry dishes, strongly flavored cheese and Asian Food.

Story Behind the Name: Our IPA is our most British Style of beer. The term for Naked in Great Britain is: Starkers. If someone is fully unclothed, they are totally starkers, hence the American term: stark naked.

ABV 5.6% (Alcohol by Volume)         IBU 60 (International Bitterness Unit)

45 Fathoms Porter

Our 45 Fathoms Porter is as deep and dark as the depths of Canandaigua Lake. We brew our Robust Porter with six different roasted malts to give it a deep long roasted character. The flavors change and develop as you drink the beer, giving an array of chocolate and coffee roasted notes. The flavor is deeply complex in its roasted character, but is careful not to make the jump to being burnt or astringent. It is brewed with American 2 Row, Caramunich, Brown, Pale Chocolate and Simpson and Crisp Chocolate Malts with Roasted Barley and Magnum, Amarillo and Simcoe Hops. This beer is perfectly paired with strong flavored cheeses, chocolate and seafood (particularly scallops and shellfish).

Story Behind the Name: For those who have enjoyed our porter, you will have found its color deep, dark and impenetrable. Thinking of something to represent those qualities, we needed to turn no further than Canandaigua Lake. At its deepest point, it registers an approx. 45 Fathoms deep. Whether the two headed serpent truly resides at the bottom depends on your belief in local lore or the amount of pints of porter you have enjoyed.

ABV 5.6% (Alcohol by Volume)         IBU 40 (International Bitterness Unit)

Berry Naked Black Raspberry Ale

Berry Naked, our Black Raspberry Ale, is our interpretation of what a fruit beer should be! Berry Naked starts out with a light black raspberry aroma that carries through to the finish. After the fruit fades the malty flavor takes over. The fruit is balanced by the strong toasted character of the malty base beer. This is a fruit beer that still lets you know you are enjoying a beer. The base beer is brewed with 2 Row, Caramunich, Cararoma, Munich and Dark Munich Malts with Liberty and Magnum Hops. We utilize a fruit puree during fermentation and a natural flavor after filtration to give it the delicate black raspberry character. This beer pairs beautifully with cheesecake and makes wonderful dressings.

Story Behind the Name: This one we left up to our Facebook Friends. When our creative juices ran dry, we posed the naming question on Facebook. While many great names were put forward, none elicited the immediate smile on our faces and those of our Facebook Faithful as Berry Naked. The people have spoken.

ABV 4.2% (Alcohol by Volume)         IBU 15 (International Bitterness Unit)

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