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Water: All great beers start with great water. In the Finger Lakes Region of New York, we are blessed with some of the best tasting water in the world.

Malted Barley: Malts give the final beer color, flavor and aroma.  Very importantly, malted barley also serves as the source of sugar for our beers. At Naked Dove, we brew our all-malt beers using the finest ingredients the world has to offer. We source our malts from the U.S., Canada, Germany and England.  Since it is a grain, malted barley delivers the flavors you would associate with bread and biscuits.  Being our sugar source and depending on the amount of roasting, the malts also deliver such sweet flavors as chocolates, toffees and caramels.

Hops: The bine-produced cones of greatness also give beer flavor and aroma, but most beer lovers crave the bitterness that the hop delivers.  A well balanced beer, however, delivers the bitterness you'd expect, but also the vegetative flavors you'd expect, such as grapefruit or pine.   At Naked Dove, we source our hops primarily from the Pacific Northwest and Germany. Our seasonal Harvest Ale boasts hops grown from Pederson Farms, only 8 miles east of our brewery. The response to this beer, Hopulus Localus, is so overwhelming, we cannot wait until harvest comes around each year

Yeast: Our favorite micro organism is the unsung hero of beer making. Most of us remember little from high school chemistry, but we remember this: yeast eats sugar to produce alcohol (and carbon dioxide, but we really care about the alcohol). At Naked Dove, we proudly use an American strain of yeast for our ales and a different U.S. yeast for our lagers.


Brewing: We begin the brewing process by cracking the malted barley in our mill and adding it to 150 degree water in our 15 barrel Mash Tun. The malts will steep in the hot water for 60 minutes, releasing starches (later to be converted to sugars). At this point, the liquid (now called wort) is strained through the bed of grains and transferred to the brew kettle. In the kettle, we begin to boil the wort, adding a wide variety of hops. We add hops at the beginning of the 60 minute boil for bitterness, in the middle, and again and at the end for some additional bitterness, but mostly for flavor and aroma. At this point, we cool the beer in preparation for fermentation.

Fermentation: During this phase of the brewing process we add the fourth ingredient, yeast, to the cooled wort. The yeast will convert the glucose in the wort to alcohol and CO2. This process will take about 5 days for our ales and twice that time for our lagers. Since our fermenting tanks are jacketed with glycol, it allows for very precise temperature control throughout the process. When fermentation is nearly complete, most of the yeast will settle to the bottom of the fermenter. The bottom of our fermenters are cone shaped, which makes it easy to capture and remove the yeast, which is saved and used in the next batch of beer. We have 3 - 15 barrel, 3 - 30 barrel and 3 – 45 barrel fermenters at Naked Dove giving us an annual production potential of over 10,000 barrels.

Storage/Conditioning: When the sugars in the fermenting beer have been almost completely digested, the fermentation slows down and the yeast starts to settle to the bottom of the tank. At this stage, the beer is cooled to around 32 degrees, and the storage or conditioning phase of our beers begin. During this resting phase, unpleasant flavors such as phenolic compounds dissipate and the beer's flavor becomes smoother. Conditioning for our ales take about 2 weeks while lagers take about 4 weeks, The cold aging of our lagers also serves to reduce sulfur compounds produced by the bottom-fermenting yeast, resulting in a cleaner tasting beer.

Filtering: When Dave has determined that the beer is ready, we filter the beer in preparation for kegging. Filtering the beer stabilizes the flavor, and gives beer its polished shine and brilliance. The beer is pumped through a diatomaceous earth filter, which removes any remaining yeast in suspension as well as any additional solids. It is a critical step to filter out the unwanted particles while not negatively stripping out flavor, body or color. All of our beers are filtered with the exception of our summer Farmhouse Ale. The filtered beer goes into our bright beer tanks, where it will be finish carbonated in advance of kegging.

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